Broadband for Seniors

Come and learn how to connect to the Internet and discover a whole new world.   

Today the world is full of technology. Using the computer is a great way to learn how to create and send emails, internet browsing and word processing.      

Face-to-face training to senior  Australians on how to use a computer and the Internet, particularly for new comers and novices with no prior exposure or experience.

Training seniors is important. Our aim is to build a sense of connection and support. Our Volunteer Tutors are considerate and patient and our Kiosk is situated in a friendly and comfortable environment. 

Broadband for Seniors access training is FREE and available to all senior Australians wanting to learn basic computer and internet skills.

When: Every Monday, Tuesday  & Thursday, 10.00am to 12pm (during School term).
Cost:   FREE – including morning tea
Bookings essential.   Please call (02) 4340 1724 or email
Free internet access for students,  if booked previously.