About Us

Kariong Neighbourhood Centre is a community hub for Kariong and surrounding areas in the Central Coast Hinterland.  Our Centre was built for the community in 1988 and is leased from Gosford Council.  While our main funding body is the Department of Family and Community Services, we also seek other grants to fund community projects. Our governing body is the Local Community Services Association www.lcsansw.org.au
From the moment you walk through our doors you are welcomed into a safe and friendly atmosphere which promotes a sense of belonging.  Our main focus is to bond the community and build resilience by responding to local needs.
We achieve this through:

  • Community consultation
  • Running community-based activities
  • Developing community projects and events
  • Providing information and referral services
  • Promoting holistic health and well being
  • Building on individual skills and strengths

We are an incorporated association governed by a Board elected by our members at each AGM.  For more information about becoming a member of Kariong Neighbourhood Centre Inc. please see Membership.


* To foster relationships and embrace diversity through mutual respect.
* Provide opportunities for the community to develop skills, build self-esteem, interact with others and bring about a greater sense of belonging.
* Provide information, education and advocacy through the delivery of events, activities and support services
* Encourage local services to share resources and support each other to deliver best practice

A Friendly, Caring, Safe and Connected Community. 

Kariong Neighbourhood Centre Inc. has 3 sources of income: Kariong OOSH, self funded and  a 3 year grants program with Family and Community Services (formerly known as DoCs).  FACs provide us with  annual funding and a Service Agreement which outlines the respective roles and legal obligations within our partnership.  In addition, we have a Service Specification, outlining our agreed service activities which we report onto FACs 6 monthly.  This Service Specification is adapted to suit the needs of our Centre and  community, while also specifying to a broad headline result from the grants program which is:

  • Disadvantaged children, young people, families and disadvantaged Communities are resilient and safe.

The KNC Board is made up of KNC  members who volunteer their time and skills to  operate as the Board of Governance. The KNC Board  consist of the ExecutiveCommittee (the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and three Ordinary Members. They meet once each month and are collectively  responsible for the proper management of the affairs of the KNC, as set out in the Constitution.
The duties of the KNC Board are:

  • Act as a body through the President
  • Ensure its own competency by making sure a range of skills and expertise exist, or providing training for its members, in the area of:
    • Governance
    • Legislation and ethics
    • Strategic planning
  • WH&S and environmental requirements
    • Finances
    • Human resources
    • Service promotion

Our Board Members are:
President: Tom Wilson
Treasurer: Iris Clay
Ordinary Members:  Jenny Palmer, Rosina Quigley-Bird, Lauren Talbot, Kim Casey and Ron Thomsen.

Kariong Neighbourhood Centre Inc. currently employs seven permanent staff. This consist of the Manager, Bookkeeper, two part-time Administration staff, OOSH Co-ordinator, OOSH Assistant Co-ordinator and permanent part-time Child Care workers, along with twelve casual Child Care workers. All staff contribute to planning projects and events, co-ordinating programs, activities and rosters, preparing for groups and ensuring community requests and enquiries are addressed in a timely manner.
In addition to paid staff, we could not operate without our dedicated group of volunteers. They contribute many skills and have set roles within KNC. We can assist them to gain new skills and provide references that may lead to employment in KNC
Residents of the Kariong and neighbouring districts or anyone with a vested interested in Kariong are able to be members of Kariong Neighbourhood Centre Inc. Application for membership are submitted to KNC Board for approval. Members play a vital part in the operation of KNC. They represent the community by bringing forward ideas and constructive feedback to improve the service. KNC  involves their members by providing morning tea with guest speakers three times a year, plus a Christmas Party.